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Exercises within each category are organized in alphabetical order. If you use the search bar in the upper right corner of the menu bar, or the bottom right of each page, you can search for the exercise name you’re looking for to find out if I’ve already made a video for that exercise – that will take you to the page it’s listed on and you can find it from there.

Exercise Categories



Lower Body

Upper Body


Each video is meant to be as short as possible, with just a few of them requiring verbal instruction (back squat, deadlift, bench press, common mistakes, etc.), which is why I include written instruction below each one.

To help you best understand each exercise and specifically why you should do it, below the video I include the exercise name, the difficulty, the main muscle group(s) targeted, and your goals/cues for performing the exercise correctly.

Within the “Sport-Specific” page, the description also includes a few, but not all, sports that may benefit from performing that certain drill.

All videos are also organized into playlists on the Lifetime Lean YouTube page.