I know I’m way behind on this show, but its teachings are still very relevant.


If someone brought a grocery cart filled with 20-30 different types of vegetables into a classroom, how many of them do you think a class of elementary or even junior high students would be able to identify?



These kids are probably a little younger than I’d start quizzing on food identification, but this is where it needs to start. If not at home, then the classroom is the next best place for kids to learn about real food. If you have kids, have them watch the above clip and see if they can identify all the foods he holds in front of the class (maybe even you need a little refresher). When a large number of people still count french fries as a vegetable, you know you’ve got a problem (see below).

Lucky for us, we can watch full episodes of Food Revolution on YouTube for free (look it up!). I encourage you to just watch the first few minutes (the radio interview from 2:30-4:30) of the first episode and get a glimpse of a perfect example of the attitude that needs to change.



Most of us know that what kids eat in school and on their own usually isn’t the best choice. We can’t (and shouldn’t) control everything kids eat, but what we can do is help them make informed decisions and teach them the benefits and consequences of developing certain eating habits early on in life.