Perfection is impractical; progress is required.

This simple saying is the basis to which I try to live. Nobody is going to be perfect. There’s always going to be room for improvement, and that’s what you should be after. Too many people are fixated on the outcome – running a 6-minute mile, losing 20 lbs, having abs – and not enough are learning how to enjoy the process. The progress you make with daily habits and crushing small goals as steps to reaching an outcome goal need to be the main focus to reaching sustainable results – and actually reaching that outcome goal. If you don’t enjoy the process it takes to reach your desired outcome, you’re doomed to fail.

If you can learn to enjoy the process, results will become inevitable.

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This book is for:

  • The health-conscious individual who may not know where to start when it comes to living a “healthier” lifestyle – regarding exercise, diet, stress, outlook, motivation, and lifestyle habits
  • The individual who wishes he or she could make habit change last
  • The individual who keeps an open mind and is willing to use his or her personal successes and failures as building blocks to a sustainable lifestyle
  • The individual who just wants a different perspective on not just making better, health-conscious decisions, but on learning how to thrive

Featured Exercise

Meier Press (Partner)

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

Muscle Group: Core

Keep your entire core braced throughout the movement.

Set up with feet outside shoulder width, knees bent, hips slightly pushed back, and hands together while outstretched in front of your sternum.

Have your partner push against your hands as you try to resist rotational movement. After you finish one side, switch to the other side and repeat.

The time under tension for each “push” can vary, but start by pushing for 2-3 seconds, with 1-2 seconds of rest, repeated 3-4 times per set.

I will write programming like this: “3 x 3/3s” which means three sets per side, and each set consists of 3 reps (pushes) held for 3 seconds each.

*If you’re pushing for a partner, don’t push the hands past the outside of the shoulders. The hands shouldn’t be allowed to move further than about 6-8 inches – if the hands do get pushed out past the shoulders, you’re pushing too hard for the strength of your partner.

To see more detailed exercise instruction, visit the instruction page.